Have you ever noticed your hair thinning as you begin menopause? Or finding that your hair breaks more easily after menopause? This is caused by the lack of oestrogen, as oestrogen is a hair-friendly hormone which helps to keep your hair in its anagen (growth) phase for longer and without this in our bodies it leads to the hair becoming thinner. Going through menopause can be a rollercoaster of emotions, the more common ones being irritability and sadness. This is why it’s important to make sure everyday is a good hair day, so we can still feel like ourselves.

It is important to maintain your healthy hair journey, and get into a routine of taking vitamins such as B12 and Omega 3. These are important to take for your hair as they promote healthy hair by providing the things lost during menopause. Also investing in bond building shampoos such as Olaplex and Nioxin, these both are recommended to help keep your hair feeling as good as new through menopause. They both contribute to strengthening and repairing bonds resulting in your hair feeling thicker, healthier and stronger.

When getting your hair done, you should tell your stylist you’re going through menopause so you can get the support you and your hair needs. Also so your stylist knows the correct products to use for you and your hair, especially when getting colours done as the hormones can affect the distribution. Getting regular trims and having breaks from colour and bleach will keep your hair looking as healthy as it can.

We at Brave Strong Beautiful are always here to support anyone who may have concerns and would like to know more about treating their hair on menopause just contact us here and we will try our best to support you through this tough time and get your hair back to its healthy self as best we can. 


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