Funders & Partners

We’re so proud to work with these wonderful funders.

Our partners

What we do

Our business model is that along with employment and work placements, the salon also provides ongoing mentoring support in the form of counselling and advocacy services to the candidates involved with the project. This ensures the completion of the training and achievement of a level 2 SVQ qualification in hairdressing.

To young people in this position this trade skill in hairdressing can be life changing, empowering them to gain employment in any salon or work self employed in the future.

Who we help

The enterprise works closely with Edinburgh high schools, Social work and young peoples services and provides a 12 week Leadership and Industry Insight training programme to young people. This programme is designed especially for young people who are struggling with their self-esteem and self-worth which is causing barriers to finding meaningful employment or training. The programme educates young people on the importance of good self-esteem, equips them with the tools and skills needed to develop their self-esteem and to feel more confident going into the working environment, the enterprise aims to fill the skills gap in Scotland’s economy and change lives whilst also being a self sustainable business.   

Our partners have similar goals, values and share our vision for the future. If you feel aligned with our work, please get in touch with us to discuss becoming one of our partners.